Mirum India will support Update Geotarget with a bouquet of digital services across Brand Planning, Media Planning and Social Media Management

Update Geotarget and Mirum India

Update Geotarget, a leading provider of groundbreaking products and innovative services for Local Narrowcasting, has signed on Mirum India for servicing social media marketing and media planning.

Mirum India, recognized as one of the leading digital solutions agencies with a pan-India footprint, will support Update Geotarget with a bouquet of digital services across Brand Planning, Media Planning and Social Media Management.

India is going through a phase of hyper-local conversations, and it has become vital for brands and companies to reach the audience via the right platform and content, amidst the ever-rising competition. In such an increasingly cluttered marketing landscape and tough business environment, brands need more efficient and impactful ways to reach audiences. As resonance among the audience gets tougher, brands are looking for ways to target better – through geography, relevance and behavioural patterns of the target audience.

By onboarding Mirum India for their digital mandate, Update Geotarget is aiming to expand their presence across media to achieve elated brand communication with relevant narratives.

Sharad Alwe, Co-founder and Managing Director, Update Geotarget, said, “We are thrilled to have Mirum India onboard for managing our digital mandate. Mirum India has a proven track record and understanding of emerging marketing trends. With Mirum’s digital and brand marketing proficiency, we hope to build visibility for our initiatives and achieve our business goals. Mirum’s expertise and industry insight will allow us to reach brands and marketers across India.”

Since inception in 1991, Update has been offering pioneering products and services, consistently aiding the evolution of the Local Narrowcasting ecosystem.

The Update Geotarget Platform is designed to optimise campaign effectiveness and deliver the brand message through 2500 FTA Narrowcast TV channels drilled down to Urban, Rural, States, SCRs, Districts & Cities. Delivering through narrowcast platforms is an impactful, cost-effective way of drilling down to the local level for contextual engagement.

Sanjay Mehta, Co-founder and CEO, Mirum India, said, “Reach and relevance is the need of the hour for brands, and Update’s Geotarget platform is eradicating the gap between digital and mainline with the help of innovative solutions. This has presented us with an opportunity to explore the sweet spot between the two areas with a perfect partner. Update is at the forefront of the evolution of the narrowcasting ecosystem, and with our knowledge of the current marketing scenario, we hope to support them with our digital solutions and build value for the brand and the services. We are thrilled and excited to work closely with Update Geotarget and expand our horizon, as well.”

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