Privacy Policy

We at UPDATE Advertising are committed to develop and maintain a strong and efficient privacy protection mechanism for all our users and clients. We have deigned our privacy policy with the objective of helping user to understand how we collect and use information provided by them.

We collect visitors data to help us analyze the traffic on our website. The information collected helps us to understand user interest which eventually helps us in improving our services and overall online user experience. The collected information is never used commercially or unethically. We do reserve the right to use this data as well as share the same with our partners, developers, advertisers and other supporting entities solely at our discretion.

This website uses cookies to track user information which is integral for overall improvement of our website. User are at free will to delete the cookies from their browser. UPDATE Advertising and its website does not ask for any kinds of financial details, credit card information or any other personal information which affects user’s privacy.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Users are advised to check the site and the privacy policy page at regular intervals for updates. UPDATE Advertising will make best efforts to keep its website upto date but at times there may be content which may have expired or may no longer be valid. User discretion is required.