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Driving Transparency

Update Geotarget partnered with Ernst & Young for a Systems and Process Audit Certification.

Birth of Update Geotarget

Launch of UPDATE GEOTARGET- India’s only FTA Narrowcast TV Ad Platform.


Winner of the “Society Leadership Awards 2017”

After 25 years in the industry, we received the “Society Leadership Awards 2017”, for rigorous network consolidation and consistent cable centric innovations across India.

Leaders in 3rd Party Monitoring Of Regional Cable Channels Across India

Soon after, we led the way in 3rd Party Monitoring for All-India Regional Cable with the monitoring giant of the TV industry – TAM.


Video Monitoring Of Regional Cable Channels Across India

Not resting on our laurels, we were the first to utilize an ‘All-India’ medium to campaign for multiple parties for the Lok Sabha Elections.

The First Online Self-Monitoring Service

As we grew, we launched online self-monitoring services that enabled our clients to monitor their activity across 14 diverse markets.


The Regional Cable Research Project

We launched a project to study the penetration of Regional Cable in smaller towns and villages.

Launch Of Tata Lastmile

Flying high with our successful corporate partnerships, we entered a revenue share partnership with TATA Teleservices ML to launch TATA Lastmile—the ‘cheapest & fastest’ solution of Fiber To The Home (FTTH) via GPON Technology to provide Triple Play (Broadband, Broadcast & Telephone).


The Art Of Ad Placement With The Precision Of Science

This breakthrough led to the birth of strategic placement and distribution of ads. This became the key strategy for the successful launches of entertainment channel clients like NDTV, Hungama and CNBC Awaaz. We replicated the same strategy for Sahara Filmy and the Lok Sabha Elections in 2004 and 2009.

Pioneering An Industry Benchmark – India’s First Channel Census Too

With the onset of the new millennia, we became the first player to establish the industry benchmark channel census tool: OTS Update for Class I towns. Based on this tool’s findings, we broke new ground, to become the first to scientifically and strategically place satellite channels which kick-started the distribution industry boom.


The First Advertiser To Nationalise Regional Cable

After the successful corporate partnership with HUL, we became the first and only player in the industry to offer a PAN India solution on regional cable to major Class 1 Indian cities.

The First 3rd Party Monitoring To Indian Regional Cable

This strategic tie-up was just the beginning of our grand vision. By the mid-90s we entered the corporate space offering solutions across 4 metros for HUL, which provided the first 3rd party monitoring support. This revolutionised the way viewers across the country enjoyed cable TV, by distributing switchers to major cable operators across India.


Strategic Collaboration For InCablenet

After our success with regional advertising, we spearheaded a strategic collaboration of integrating LCOs and engineered network tie-ups for InCablenet.

We Put Regional Cable TV On India’s map

After a TAM report showed that more than 50% time spent on TV was on regional channels, we became the first-ever advertiser to make regional advertising a nationwide option.


First Ad On Mumbai Cable TV. Brought To You By Update.

As the 90s witnessed satellite channels grow in popularity, we, at Update, used this opportunity and ran our first ad solution in Mumbai.

Birth Of Update Ads

From large metros to small, the cable TV boom spread across India like never before. One visionary recognized the potential for advertising and that’s how Update Ads was born.