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Sharad Alwe

The Co-Founder & MD of the Update Group, Sharad Alwe is both a visionary and a Media Guru. His creative skills are a perfect complement to his long-standing experience in Marketing, Finance, Operations, Project Management, Research, Consultation and Production.

A true-blue entrepreneur with the knack of converging ideas into productive business models, Sharad was inspired to start Update because of a small article about the immense potential of a then-unknown, disorganized entity called the cable industry (Brand Equity, 1991).

Along with his partner, Sharad created Update Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd to monetize the local retail advertising business. They set up India’s first Cable Advertising agency when Cable was at an infant stage in the whole country – the so-called ‘Black Box’ for advertisers.

The two partners have helped set industry benchmarks like OTS, Channel distribution, Fiber to Home technology and many more.

“My journey has been full of excitement and thrills and I am committed to only looking ahead,” says Sharad while talking about his vision for Update.

Harvinder Singh Bindra

The Co-Founder & MD of the Update Group, Mr. Harvinder Singh Bindra has been the backbone of the company’s success. His skill sets in Operations Management, Project Management, Crisis Management and networking have enabled Update to grow from strength to strength.

Mr. Harvinder Singh Bindra spearheaded the commissioning of Mumbai’s first and Asia’s largest CATV head-end for IndusInd Media & Communications Ltd. A seasoned CATV professional, he specializes in building and expanding networks and also building world-class Fiber Optic Networks which are truly scalable.

He believes in enhancing credibility by building trust and maximizing transparency.

Mr. Harvinder Singh Bindra and his team manage more than 500 MSOs in the country to ensure the brand communication reaches consumer homes seamlessly.

The Dynamic Duo

Sharad Alwe and Harvinder Singh Bindra, are childhood buddies or brothers. They have set an example for those who ‘dare to dream big.’ And, with 30 years of media experience, these media veterans surely know how to keep up with the pace of the ever-growing media industry.

They have brought trust and method to the cable industry by pioneering ‘Measurement & Monitoring’ through Third Party (TAM) and Real-Time Cable monitoring.